Glenbrook ADU

One of the great things about ADU construction is that it gives you a lot of options for expanding your current home to fit your needs as they change. This Santa Rosa, California home is a perfect example with an extra unit added above the original garage. We were able to design this unit in such a way that the existing residence wouldn’t be disturbed during construction and the owners could still get everything they wanted. 

This ADU is a complete apartment dwelling with its own kitchen and bathroom. This allowed the home to become a dual-family residence. With the right design, this home’s use has been expanded to become much more accommodating, spacious, and private.

Humbolt St. Detached ADU

The owners of this home wanted a detached ADU construction project that was large enough to have the feel of a residence but small enough to be considered an extra space instead of a whole new building. To accomplish this, we designed everything to scale, including the outdoor features. This gives the ADU a complete feel without sacrificing any space in the backyard, which is always at a premium. 

This backyard ADU residence features high vaulted ceilings, a loft, a murphy bed, and a compact kitchen. All of these features are meant to make the most out of a small space and get the best value out of the interior. By combining these concepts, the owners ended up with a small backyard residence that doesn’t feel cramped and has the style and feel of a full-size home.

Pool Cabana & ADU

This project is a combination pool cabana and complete ADU with a kitchen and full residential features. We were able to create a space that could be used as a full residence when the situation called for it and also double as a pool cabana when it is unoccupied. It is also designed to fit in with the aesthetics of the existing home for the best possible integration of the spaces. 

With only 800 square feet to work with, our goal with this project was to make maximum use of the space. This was achieved by utilizing an open concept kitchen area that seamlessly blends into the living space. This also creates an incredibly functional pool cabana with lots of room and amenities.

Petaluma Garage to ADU Conversion

With ADU construction projects, you are not limited to new builds. You can also turn existing structures into whole new spaces that will serve you well and look beautiful. This garage-to-ADU conversion is a great example of how a space can be transformed and turned into something new altogether. 

This garage ADU is not just finished and comfortable, we were also able to integrate a compact kitchen and living area, making it a complete residence for guests or tenants. It also features a curbless shower and enough storage space in the back for all the things the owners wanted to keep stored away. This best-of-both-worlds design is something we try to include with every project we work on.