Interior Remodeling

B Street Interior Remodel

When thinking about an interior remodeling project, it is incredibly important that you consider the usability of the space. With this B Street interior remodel, we opened up the living room and removed the existing walls to make better use of the space that was already there. By taking out these unnecessary barriers, we were able to completely rejuvenate the home and breathe new life into the living area. 

We also added a back deck to create even more usable space for people and furniture. Even though there was very little added to this home, there is now so much more room. This kind of low-impact design is one of our main priorities when designing a new space for a customer.

5th Street Interior Remodel

Sometimes, all you have to do to give a space a new look and feel is move a few things around. With this 5th Street interior remodel, we converted the kitchen to a galley-style layout, which opened up the entire room. This, combined with the custom cabinetry brought a whole new character to the space and made it feel much more spacious. 

This project also included a new bathroom and an outdoor deck, both of which are integral parts of interior remodeling. These are great additions to make if you want to add some more space to your home without building a whole new addition. Our design was able to refresh the house and keep the footprint of construction very small.

Stowring Basement Remodel

If you have an area that isn’t being used, finishing it and remodeling it is a great way to make use of the space you already have. This Stowring basement remodel is a great example of what can be done with a raw space with a little bit of imagination and a knack for design. What was once a simple basement is now a complete residence with all the amenities and features you would expect. 

This basement remodel required the inclusion of bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a living area. Even though the space was only 1,000 square feet, we were able to give them everything they needed without making things feel cramped. On top of that, we were able to leave garage space for the two cars so the clients didn’t lose any functionality.